3 Signs You Need a Life Change

We’ve all been there. Despite your good intentions, sometimes your home looks like a frat house. Other times, your workload keeps you pushing the line of insanity. When all of that hits at once, it can be too much to handle. I’ve identified a few key warning signs of your need for a serious life change so when you start to feel overwhelmed, you can fix it before you get pushed over the edge:

You substitute cheap products with other cheap products

So, here’s a weird confession: sometimes if I run out of toilet paper in my apartment, my roommate and I use paper towels. This is not only a poor choice for both your toilet, and your ass, it also sucks when you really just need a paper towel and you’re out because of your poor decisions. After a stressful day, it can be the small push you need to completely flip out.

Solution: Get your shit together, and make sure your roommate is on board. Go shopping for supplies at the beginning of every week, and take regular inventory of what’s low.

You create countdowns … for everything

Ever been in a really boring meeting where you count down the minutes until it’s supposed to get out? And, upon getting out of the meeting, have you then started a countdown until lunch? And then a countdown until you get out of work? And then a countdown until you make it through traffic and get back to your shitty life in your shitty apartment? Countdowns, in this sense, basically become a race to death.

Solution: Be mindful and live in the moment. Take it from Adam Sandler’s character in Click. When you rush through the day, you end up missing some of the best parts of life.

You eat PB&J, Easy Mac, and eggs in endless rotation

I get it–if you’re poor and/or impatient, pasta is a cheap, quick solution. But, if you eat this way every day, you’ll deprive your body of any real nutrition and your mood will also suffer. Everybody knows that a well-balanced diet makes for a happier you.

Solution: Learn how to make a few simple warm meals. Try one of these.

What are some other key indicators that you need a life change? Let us know in the comments!

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