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“The only true currency in this bankrupt world is what you share with someone else when you’re uncool.”

Not the It Girls is a community for women focused on relevant issues with a healthy dose of wit and humor. (Sorry for all the cursing, Mom.)

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SarahFounder, Editor, Writer

Founder of Not the It Girls, Sarah holds a degree in Media Studies, which has very little to do with her career in telecom. Much like her fictional idol Liz Lemon, she enjoys high-fiving herself and eating sandwiches. When not filling her fountain pen with bright green ink, you can find her lying on the floor listening to vinyl records and drinking craft beer, which is totally healthy and normal. You can find her on Twitter at @totallynotsarah.

Liz - Writer

Liz is a dog-loving, junkfood-addicted writer in Boston. She enjoys traveling, playing guitar, and laughing at her own jokes. Though she’s been out of school for over two years now, she still refers to herself as a “recent college grad,” and will continue to do so until she’s satisfied with her life. Her opinions are her own, and do not reflect those of her company. Seriously. You can find her on Twitter at @lizmwarren.


Betsy is an attorney, but not the kind who, like, wears pantsuits or cross-examines witnesses.  Her favorite accessories are large pearl studs, really high heels, and purses large enough to carry around three library books. She and her charming husband are raising their particularly handsome 14 year-old to appreciate tasteless 80s high school sex romps, the genuine charm of Leave it to Beaver, and the fulfilling lack of fulfillment that comes from trying to make sense of Aerosmith lyrics. You can find Betsy on Twitter at @betsyesq.


Krista is a civil engineer and totally awesome—according to her, anyway. She has a Bachelor’s from Vanderbilt University and a Master’s from the University of Kentucky, and is currently pursuing an education from the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, although her owl has admittedly been very late in arriving. Krista is married, parents a sassy toddler and an unrepentant dog, and loves to read, scrapbook, and watch trashy reality television. You can find her on Twitter at @kristacitron.

Alex Web Editor, Contributor

Alex is a journalist who is obsessed with books, music, film, art, and everything else that’s awesome. She has a basset hound/boxer puppy named Bowie of whom she can’t get enough and will cut a bitch to win at pub trivia. She prides herself on her love of knowledge and antiques and is often referred to as “elderly” by both family and friends. You can find her on Twitter at @lexprim.


Megan is a PhD candidate in political philosophy at Newcastle University in the northern corner of of England (but still south of the Wall), pursuing her career goal of becoming a professional nerd. Despite having lived across the pond for three years, she still continues to be dumbfounded by her new home.  When she’s not buried in books, she teaches yoga, exists largely on coffee, and has recently entered the world of competitive pole dance while still retaining her awkward “charm.” You can find her on Twitter at @MegWhoRocks.


Genevieve is a double graduate of the University of Miami where she gained notoriety as one of the few music majors who still had Spice Girls songs on her iPod. She plays the upright bass sometimes, writes some other times, and fills the rest of her hours with a variety of crafts, bad television, and the internet. You can find Genevieve on Twitter at @rustyheadedgirl.

Liz C. Contributor

Unlike the rest of the well-educated Not The It Girls, Liz C. (or LC, for those fluent in Laguna Beach) does not hold a degree, but did spent the last six years of her life since entering her 20s memorizing the script to Jurassic Park and how to make the perfect gin & tonic. Oh yeah, and doing makeup. You can probably currently find her selling makeup, buying makeup, doing makeup on herself, doing makeup on someone else, watching YouTube videos of other people doing makeup, or just darn thinking about the stuff.

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