Evolution of my Favorite Websites

As the Internet has grown, so has my taste in websites. When we signed up for our very first AOL account on our massive Gateway desktop, I would rush home from the bus stop to try to score a limited spot in one of the Nickelodeon chat rooms. Cool, I know.

Most of my high school Internet usage revolved around IMing and using an online encyclopedia for homework. To be honest, I can’t remember whether there were certain websites I felt like I just had to visit, although I did maintain a super-whiny LiveJournal. I know it was super-whiny because I recently discovered the box where I’d packed away printouts of every single post I ever made. Don’t worry; you’re not alone. I nauseate me, too. I also spent a lot of time online looking up photos of “cute” celebrities to put in my locker–like, a lot of time. I had a weekly Orlando-Bloom-as-Legolas collage, people. Other girls sought out my locker every Monday to catch a glimpse. I was just that awesome*.

As a freshman in college, I received a shiny new laptop with this fancy thing called wireless Internet. It was a brave new world. I immediately started downloading music from certain sites that have since disappeared, although it did make me paranoid enough that, as soon as I heard of this new-fangled thing called “iTunes,” I jumped right on board. I felt much better, ethically speaking, paying 99 cents for a song. Eventually the whole “blog” thing exploded and my daily list of must-visits included I Can Has Cheezburger, FailBlog, News of the Weird, People of Walmart … you get the drift.

And then. Oh, then. My sweet little stalker heart rejoiced when my campus was invited to join “The Facebook.” Look, there’s the guy from the second floor! Did you know your chemistry lab partner likes rock music? Hey, I was poked by eighteen different people today–woo hoo! (Not actually as titillating as it sounds.) It was glorious. I fully admit to spending HOURS a day editing and re-editing my profile page.

Nowadays, I mostly find myself on humorous/snarky parenting blogs and using words like “nowadays.” You’d be amazed at the number of sites devoted to nail art; when a friend mentioned just one I felt like my world view had been ripped wide open. I feel pretty hip for being active on Twitter and tumblr, and I’m devoted to AfterEllen, a lesbian pop culture site. What can I say, they write THE BEST Pretty Little Liars recaps. And, of course, there’s Not The It Girls–a website I was already a huge fan of before I found out they needed more writers! I suppose you can say my Internet taste buds have matured. After all, there’s not a cheezburger in sight.

*See also: lame.

You can contact Krista, the author of this post, at krista@nottheitgirls.com.

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