Letting Loose in Your Mid-Twenties

This past weekend was one of those times when I felt like cutting loose. I wanted to do something a little bit wild and a lot bit reckless; I wanted to put on my fancy shoes and something with sequins and just rock out, you know? And, in college, the obvious solution to that was going to a frat party and dancing until your feet fell off.

But I’m a “grown-up” now and people my age are not welcome at frat parties. I’m pretty sure it’s in their by-laws. So I tried to think of the adult equivalent, and came up with nada. What are you supposed to do for a little bit of crazy fun when you’re a contributing, responsible member of society? When you have to get up the next day and go to work or take care of your kids? How do you party?

Well, none of these suggestions really hit the spot like heading to some shady nightclub in the middle of the night*, but they might help you spice up your otherwise mundane social calendar.

Nail polish poker party: Everyone brings some favorite colors and you get to paint away. Then follow up with a poker tournament where the prize is–obviously–some new, high-end polishes.

Romance novel book club: Forget books that make you think … gather some friends together and read/discuss the raciest books you can get your hands on. Bonus points if you find one where the lead character has your name.

Beer/wine/liquor taste-fest: Go nuts. Try out some crazy flavor or mix drink you never would otherwise. Of course, some of you will have to edit this concept (like me) and perhaps shoot for a cheesecake- or s’mores-tasting party instead. Pick whatever floats your boat. Really. The point is to be completely gluttonous.

Fantasize your favorite TV shows: There are a handful of websites out there that will let you create fantasy leagues out of reality TV shows or even customize your own league from whatever you want. I’m doing this right now for Big Brother and it adds an extra level of suspense and investment to my normal obsession with the show. Grab some friends and let the competition begin!

… Or you can do like I did: plug in a strand of Christmas lights, pop on your headphones, and have a one-person mini-rave in your living room–with the curtains open for an extra rush of adrenaline!

*If you’re reading this, Mom, I swear I never did that.

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