Never Get Between an Honorary Jew and Her Passover Food

As an honorary Jew, I get to enjoy the holidays without all the pomp and circumstance and internal reflection. (Warning: this post is not for anyone who can’t take religion a little lightheartedly.) And my absolute favorite part of Judaism is the Seder food.

Let’s start with the matzo. The unleavened bread symbolizes that the Hebrews were in such a rush to escape oppression that they didn’t even wait for their bread to cook. All I know is that egg-and-onion flavored matzo tastes amazing with some butter and salt. Sadly I live in a very non-Jewish area of the country, so I can only find the good stuff when we’re visiting. My in-laws are non-drinkers, so we substitute the wine with white grape juice. In crystal goblets, obvi. There’s something about the fanciness of the meal that turns regular ol’ juice into The Most Amazing Juice Of All Time.

I can’t say that I’ve taken to the Gefilte fish or hard-boiled egg, but I could eat matzo ball soup all day every day. I’m not even sure what the symbolism behind the soup is, but I suspect it has something to do with how much Jews like delicious, Kosher food. YUM. Whenever my mother-in-law asks what special meal I’d like for my birthday, I pick the soup.

And brisket. Oh, brisket. I don’t think brisket is any kind of official Passover food item, but my husband’s family always eats it for Seder, so I’ve made the association on my own. I eat and eat and eat that stuff like a machine. Seriously, everyone else has already moved on to dessert and I’m still chowing down on the deliciously roasted cow chest.

Last but not least: charoset. It’s an apple-honey-nut mix that represents the mortar that with which the Jews had to toil for the Egyptians … but it tastes A LOT better than I imagine mortar would. I can’t seem to stop adding more spoonfuls to my plate. I haven’t gotten brave enough to try it on a matzo sandwich, but my brother-in-law assures me it’s the bees’ knees.

Overall, Seder meal is like the equivalent of Thanksgiving for me. I look forward to it all year, I stuff my face, and then I start counting down for next year!

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