Panty Problems: In Defense of Boyshorts

In a country where thongs are encouraged, and underwear isn’t sexy unless half your ass is showing, I feel I must take a stand. I must take a stand against butt floss and overly exposed cheeks. I must argue the standards of sexy, right here and right now. I wave my boyshorts like a flag of freedom and you should, too.

For those of you who don’t know (and shame on you if you don’t), boyshorts are panties shaped like tiny little shorts – basically, girl boxers. Without the bag and sag and the hole for peeing. They hug your butt with the softness and protection of angel wings. With boy shorts you won’t get those weird imprints on your bare butt from the seams of your pants. You’d also be surprised at boyshorts’ lack of visible panty lines. They’re everything convenient you could ever want covering your lady parts.

Victoria’s Secret will probably tell you that boyshorts are not sexy. (They do sell them, though.) Bare your ass with pride! I disagree. I believe in a little mystery. I believe that to be sexy you don’t need to be baring it all. And I’m not sure how many of you ladies are willing to admit it, but I feel so much sexier when I’m comfortable, not when I’m bumbling around in overkill lace contraptions. But boys like it when you wear thongs, right? No. Both the gentleman with whom I’ve had relationships preferred boyshorts. And not too brag or anything, but my ass looks BANGING in boyshorts. I bet yours will, too.

o next time you’re uncomfortably trying to pull your thong wedgie out of your ass crack in a public place on a first date, consider the alternative, the always reliable boyshort. The sexy, sweet, down to earth panties that will always have your back. Err, your butt.

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