Oh Make Me Over: One Adult’s Realization at a Courtney Love Concert


Because BuzzFeed is dead set on reminding you that life is slipping by–Nickelodeon’s Roundhouse premiered two decades ago and, oh shit, Uncle Jesse’s little twins aren’t jail bait anymore–it’s easy to forget that there is joy in maturing. But no Continue reading

Why Nicki Minaj is Good for American Idol (But I’m Better)


This year the revolving door of American Idol admitted Nicki Minaj to the judging table and, apparently, people are still pissed off about this. Since this show hasn’t given us anything of cultural worth since Carrie Underwood won (and, as Continue reading

Everything I Learned from the Red Band “Spring Breakers” Trailer


Every Disney sweetheart needs to come out of her shell eventually. Hilary Duff did it with class and poise, Britney Spears, well, she didn’t. Justin Timberlake rocked that transformation so hard that he snagged Jessica Biel. Now, it’s time for Continue reading