Valentine’s Day Recipes: The Good, The Bad, and the Oh, God, Run Away!

Valentines Day Dinner

Being the clever and frugal girl that I am, most of my Valentine’s Days have revolved around avoiding overpriced stuffed bears and fancy dinners. Most restaurants are packed for the holiday, anyway, so I try to celebrate at home instead. Continue reading

A NTIG in the Kitchen: Super Bowl Sunday Veggie Chili


Super Bowl Sunday is not a great holiday for vegetarians. Wings, pepperoni pizza, and meatballs abound during this literal sausage fest, and even the seemingly innocuous Chex mix is probably made with anchovy-laden Worcestershire. But there is one supremely macho Continue reading

How to Survive Your Family Thanksgiving Celebration


I’m all for holidays that promote binge eating carbs, so Thanksgiving is pretty much my favorite. Food, beer, family–that makes for the perfect holiday, right? Not so fast. Thanksgiving is great, but everyone knows it can be pretty tough to Continue reading