Why Every Bibliophile Needs a Goodreads Account


No matter how much we love reading those old-fangled pieces of technology we call books, the temptation of the Internet–Facebook! J. Crew! Dear Prudence!–can be hard to resist. The Internet is also more convenient than books, since it’s way easier Continue reading

Gadgets You Didn’t Know You Needed

Virtual keyboard

In the spirit of commercializing holidays, I’ve rounded up some cray-cray gadgets that will change your life. These gifts strike the perfect balance between WTF and awesome. You will be revered amongst friends and family as a cutting-edge gift buyer. Continue reading

Is It Possible to Fall In Love With a Stranger?


Remember back before Meg Ryan broke up John Mellencamp’s marriage and Tom Hanks didn’t have jowls? Those were the days; the sweet days of Internet innocence and chat rooms. A/S/L? You know what I’m talking about–You’ve Got Mail. A remake Continue reading