The Host: Missing Moments from the Movie?

In preparation for The Host hitting theaters this Friday, I finally caved and read the book. And I have to admit that I was really enthralled! I thought the story line was very interesting and did a great job exploring some interesting questions about what it means to be human. But, as we all know, movie adaptations rarely follow the book page-by-page and, at over 600 pages, The Host will be no exception. So here’s a list of things that I’m going to miss in the movie based on reasonable assumptions of what “isn’t important” and the handful of clips in the trailers. Avast: thar be spoilers ahead!

1. Jamie. In all the previews I’ve seen, Melanie’s little brother hasn’t featured AT ALL. I had to specifically Google whether he was even a character in the movie and, thankfully, he is, but it seems that they will be severely downplaying his role. It’s sad because I felt like Melanie and Wanda’s love for Jamie was far more important than their love for Jared, but I guess romance is what sells movie tickets.

2. The human violence. In the book, Wanda was subject to a great deal of violence at the hands of the rebels and I’m pretty sure they’ll cut most of that from the movie. The previews show a lot of soul v. human face-offs which, again, ticket sales. But I thought the book made a good point of showing how being human doesn’t necessarily make you less of a monster.

3. Melanie’s snark. Without most of the internal dialogue between Melanie and Wanda, we won’t get to know Melanie quite as well. But I loved her sass in the book and the way she gave Wanda such an attitude at the beginning.

4. Random line from the end. When Wanda wakes up again, Ian tells her, “I held you in my hand, and you were so beautiful.” While the alien-human love angle is, quite frankly, rather icky, it was also a very touching moment for these two characters. Something about that particular line just resonated with me. But I’m guessing the movie will go for more kissing scenes rather than talking. Just a guess.

What part of the movie are you looking forward to?

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