The NTIG Product Placement Drinking Game

As winter tightens its icy grip on the Northern hemisphere, social activities tend to fall by the wayside. Whereas a trip to the bar with friends previously only required your ID and some cash or just a light jacket, leaving your house now takes some serious thought and planning and could even involve having to scrape ice off your car or shovel a walkway. Not cool. Luckily, TV is there to be your friend in these winter months. Unfortunately, TV isn’t so much fun to drink with. Or is it?

There are a lot of drinking games one can play with themselves, television, and an ample supply of libations. One of my favorites is The Mustache Game. However, as television constantly evolves, new wrinkles to exploit for the purpose of drunkenness emerge. And so I give you: the Product Placement Drinking Game.

This game is best played with procedurals on Fox or CBS (in my experience) and worst with period shows or anything on pay-cable. As you probably know, product placement is when the show exhibits a product in the show for a fee. It’s usually easy to spot once you know what you’re looking for, but there are three levels of product placement and so we have three actions to perform.

Sip–When a logo or brand name is shown in a shot that lingers just a little too long to be an accident.

Drink–When the product is specifically named by a character on the show. (“Hurry! We can catch up to them in my Prius!” “Let me check that on my Galaxy.” Etc.)

Chug–If a character expounds on the virtues of the product in a completely unnecessary way that is inconsequential to the plot. Stop chugging when the dialogue decides to work its way back around to the story. I can’t find a clip of it, but there was a bit on “Bones” that perfectly exemplified this where Angela and Brennan were going somewhere in Angela’s car and a solid two minutes of dialogue was about how awesome the car was and all the nifty features it came with.

Now, if it seems like this game won’t get you enough opportunities to drink, combine it with another game! Like the Mustache Game! Both can also be played with a group but, let’s be honest; the beauty of these is playing them in your Snuggie with hair that looks like it just escaped a Tim Burton movie. Enjoy!

Any suggestions to add to the NTIG Product Placement Drinking Game? Let us know in the comments!

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3 thoughts on “The NTIG Product Placement Drinking Game

  1. MasterChef, oddly enough, has gotten really bad with this–”Wow, it’s amazing how easy it is to cook a scrambled egg in my nonstick [brand name] skillet!”–and they always make the same host be the one delivering the awful lines. I’m just waiting for shows to get more unashamedly blatant with it.

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