Unrequited TV Romances

I’ve been spending my free time, lately, watching old episodes of Law & Order: SVU and wishing that, maybe this time, things will be different and Elliot and Olivia will get together.

I’ve been constantly disappointed. BUT! It has gotten me thinking about some of the most tension-filled almost-romances on my favorite shows and now I eagerly share them with you. The way I wish Elliot would share a smooch with Olivia. Ahem.

  1. Detectives Benson and Stabler, Law & Order: SVU: Come on. Twelve seasons dancing around the covert glances and innuendo? I don’t even care that he’s married, I want him to mack it to Olivia. End of story.
  2. Pretty much everyone on Lie To Me: This brilliant show was cruelly canceled after just three seasons (sometime I will share my conspiracy theory about this with you) so they were never able to resolve the Eli/Ria standoff or the Cal/Gillian relationship. I also would have accepted Detective Ben Reynolds/anyone because Mekhi Phifer is HOT.
  3. Joey and Rachel, Friends: Obviously, Friends is long gone, but I always rooted for Joey and Rachel to end up together. I guess I’m weird like that.
  4. Max and Johnny, 2 Broke Girls: They let Max make out with the hot bartender in ONCE and then they gave him a fiancée and shipped him off. So unfair.
  5. Jeff and Annie, Community: I don’t watch Community anymore, so I have no idea if these two are together or not, but I wanted them to balance each other out. In more ways than one. Wink, wink.
  6. Pam and Brian, camera guy, The Office: This is an indication of how far down in my esteem The Office fell before its end. I used to watch purely for the Jim/Pam loveliness, but they ruined it so hard that when the camera dude started showing up on screen, I just really wanted Pam to go for it.
  7. Chris and Ann, Parks & Recreation: Who doesn’t love Chris Traeger? Lit-er-all-y! There is hope on the horizon now that he’s potentially having a baby with his perfect starfish, though, and I can’t wait to see where Parks & Rec takes that.
  8. Anyone besides Ezra and Aria, Pretty Little Liars: PLL churns out more romances per episode than any other show but, for some reason, they’re clinging on to the most inappropriate one. Please let Aria date someone who ISN’T her teacher.
  9. The Doctor and Amy Pond, Dr. Who: Okay, I don’t actually watch Doctor Who, but based on my in-depth research*, I think they should be together, that Rory-person be damned.
  10. Geek girl and the detective dude, Unforgettable: I don’t know their names; so sue me. This show starred Poppy Montgomery and got canceled after one season. But they were so adorable you guys! [Breaking news: Unforgettable got un-canceled so maybe I can still dare to hope.]

*Meaning the hours I spend trawling around tumblr.

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4 thoughts on “Unrequited TV Romances

  1. I totally agree re: Joey and Rachel–glad it’s not just me. And how about Stacey and Clinton from TLC’s What Not To Wear? Apparently, people think they are actually together. I guess they have bad gaydar…

    • Oh, that’s a good one! It always cracks me up when people think that costars are dating just because they “seem” like they “like” each other on their show…

  2. I’m going to have to disagree strongly on the Doctor and Amy, mostly because I love Rory so much. I was with you for most of series 5 and desperately wanted her to get her time-lordy freak on, but Amy and Rory are just perfect for each other. Also I want to be River Song when I grow up.

    …and now you all know that I am a huge geek and I’m going to go push my glasses up a bit higher on the bridge of my nose and read a Culture novel.

  3. I was young and naive once and also thought all the stars and co-stars were deeply in love waiting for that right moment but as I grew older I, unfortunately understood that they were all just actors and if two got together in real life well that was more the unusual than the norm. Still great fodder fror us romance writers.

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