You Should Really Have a Crush on Ellie Goulding

There are many reasons why Ellie Goulding is my number one girl crush (though, Justin Bieber is a very close second). How many other female performers nowadays sound the same way in their recordings as they do live? And how many of them are mind-blowingly attractive? That’s right–one. Ellie.

I’ve watched the interviews; I’ve seen the music videos and all of the live performances. She’s awesome. And here’s why:

She was once asked in an interview how she smelled, and she answered without skipping a beat or making the interviewer feel stupid for asking such a dumb question.

She’s insanely famous throughout the world, yet still remains so humble. After giving a killer acoustic performance, all she said was “It was really hard competing with Rage Against the Machine!” all British-like.

She performed at the royal fucking wedding.

She dated Skrillex for a while, which is kind of gross, and kind of cool. But mainly cool.

She shaved part of her head and still looks hotter than all of us.

She incorporates dubstep, indie rock, and pop into all of her songs, and. It. Sounds. Bomb.

She makes triangles seem cool. When asked about the triangle tattoo on her wrist, she said “I love the idea of two lines coming together in three points.”

…And she sang about it in one of her songs: “Why do I always draw triangles instead of words this paper so deserves?”

For every cool fact about Ellie, there are 100 more. I can’t really figure out if I want to date her, be her, or be her best friend. All I know is that this is the chillest song ever.

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