Your Polish Review: Sally Hansen Magnetic Nails

In Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind manic pixie dream girl Clementine “applied her personality in a paste.” (She dyed her hair.) I prefer to apply my personality in a polish. Nail polish. As resident nail guru at Not the It Girls I threw myself into the path of oncoming nail polish trends just for you. Today? Magnetic polish. 

I first learned about magnetic polish last year, when Nails Inc. released their line. I was super excited, until I saw the price tag. Then with a solid fuck that noise, I moved on. But as it is in the world of makeup, a cheaper model will always come along. So I picked up Sally Hansen Magnetic Nails and I’m pleasantly surprised with the results. It’s quick and easy, but you’ll need a steadier hand than mine.




You’ll need:
Base Coat
Sally Hansen Magnetic Nails (I used Red-y Response)
Top Coat

 Step One:
Apply your base coat.

Step Two:
Apply a layer of Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail to all ten fingers. Then allow it to dry. This is important. Luckily, it dries pretty quickly.


Step Three:
Apply a thick coat of Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail to one finger at a time. After coating your finger, you’ll hold the magnet above your nail for ten seconds. Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail comes with a very small rest to place below your cuticle for easier handling.

As you can see, my hand slipped and I smudged part of my middle finger. I don’t have a steady hand but practice makes perfect.


Step Four:
After you’ve finished each of your nails, apply your favorite top coat and you’re done!

This is the final result before clean-up. What can I say? I just couldn’t wait to share! The verdict? I love it! Simple and awesome. Now it’s your turn! Tell us in the comments how it worked out for you and what brand you used!

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